Anaquad Cobe, private investigator


Los Angeles, Ca

Anaquad Cobe has spent years in the field and TEN-28 INVESTIGATIONS is not your typical private investigator sitting behind a desk. We work differently. We work in the streets and in the field. This is our foundation and the main point of difference from other investigators. We’ve been actively working investigative support, process serving, background checks, corporate histories & more for over 30 years. Our clients consistently praise our professionalism and personal approach. We truly provide a personal touch.

Don’t allow your assumptions about, or experiences with, private investigators to prevent you from moving forward safely in your business and personal life. We have created a wide range of investigative services that are priced to meet a variety of needs.

TEN-28 INVESTIGATIONS & PAC RIM ATTORNEY SERVICES has operated as an investigator all over the United States and is licensed in the State of California, PI 12676. Other credentials include Marin County registered process server #85. Inquire about our investigative services and process serving services.

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Our Most Important Asset Is Our Customers, Your Security, Safety, And Well-Being.

Ten-28 Investigations is proud to be a Native American, Minority-Owned, and Veteran Owned Business providing equal opportunity services to all throughout California and the United States.

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